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Authenticity is key!

This one may seem a little out of place, but trust us, it is not! Showing genuine interest and compassion towards others is a great way to build relationships, open doors and grow a friendship, which could pay off for your benefit down the road. Start by asking the people around you about themselves, striking up a conversation asking if someone needs help if it looks like they are drowning, all these little gestures will keep you moving in the right direction!

Eat the frog first, yes, we did just say that!

This phrase sounds about as appetizing as what we are about to say… Success isn’t easy we all know that there are some tasks that we just hate doing! Yes, you got it, make those tasks the first priority. Whatever task you dread the most when you punch that clock in the morning is the first task you should complete. If you allow the most dreaded task to be delayed until the end of the day, the dread will hang over you like a dark cloud, preventing you from tackling other tasks with the gusto and creativity they deserve.

“Eat a live frog every morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” – Mark Twain


Shut it off when you leave!

Not as easy as it sounds, we know. Worrying doesn’t resolve problems. Before you leave at the end of the day, take a quick glance at your calendar for tomorrow and decide what small steps you can take right now to better prepare yourself for the next day. Likewise, look at your list of tasks and ask yourself if any of them require completion before you leave. This ensures that when you walk out the door, you check out both physically and mentally.


Go above and beyond

Whatever you do, do it the best of your ability whether at work or at home. This improves your chances of getting promoted, yes – but it does so much more that. When you put your best foot forward every day, you begin to build a character that defines and empowers you.

NO, learn the work and use it

When you overextend yourself at work, your colleagues, clients, and superiors face the consequences. Either you can’t meet timelines, you can’t give those around you the connection and attention they need, or your personality and affect suffer from being overextended for a long period of time. When you know you can’t do a project justice, be honest. And if saying no is too hard, try another way like, “I can take this one, but I’ll have to delay another initiative. How does October sound for that project?”


You have permission to fail!

The only way you’ll ever take a risk in life is if you’re permitted to fail. And though many leaders give their employees permission to fail because they understand the critical nature of failure in success, human beings are much less likely to give themselves the same room they give others. Allowing yourself to be wrong, to mess up, and to fail from time to time obliterates crippling defensiveness and opens your mind to new perspectives and wisdom. Additionally, it allows you to take career- or life-changing risks.


"A mind troubled by doubt cannot focus on the course to victory."




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